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LaKeisha's Journal
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in LaKeisha's LiveJournal:

Sunday, August 12th, 2001
2:48 am
y ppl always gotta bytch on how ppl talk on de inet
dis is how i lyke to type
ya cunt undastand...tew fukin bad fo ur azz
Saturday, August 11th, 2001
10:31 pm
()o()- town
cunnot belib doz damn hoes thinkin da ()o()- town
fags actually get der azz on here
wut foooos
5:59 pm
dayum like i havent been on in 2 dayum months y0
datz a record 4 me
i jus been chillin dis summah
itz been great
sex, smokin weeed, raisin my lil baby
he iz gettin big noe
but da daddy i havent seen since he left an awm gettin kinda skurred now
but it aight
i got muhself another man
hiz name is chriz
he iz damn fione
aight well i awm out
Monday, June 18th, 2001
12:18 am
muh black azz has not been on in awhile yo
da most best thang eva happend to me
i gav birth to a baby boy
hiz name is tyrone
he iz so cute
imma get a pic of him up on hea y0
muh babys daddy left town fo awhile
dunno where he left too but he said he b bax
i hope so
i still c dat ho shaniqua still around
dat girl got no lyfe
Sunday, June 3rd, 2001
9:49 pm
o i got diz from some1z lj

Are you a good listener?: sumetimes
Are you a good student?: a hellll naw
Are you currently in a relationship?: awmm nooo but id lyke 2 fuk antoine
Are you involved in sports: i play basketball!
Be serious or be funny?: funni
Beef or Chicken?: Chicken
Birthplace?: in de ghetto
Christmas or Halloween?: halloween...get 2 rob kidz 4 kandis
Color or black-and-white photos?: color need 2 c does dayum fyne boyz
Do long distance relationships work?: yuh an easyer way 2 fuck oder men =P
Do you believe in God?: yuh praise de lord
Do you believe in love at first sight?: if dey fyne yeah
Do you consider yourself the life of the party?: o me god yes...i get on de tables an strip
Do you drink?: all de tyme
Do you have a car?: yuh a lowrider of sum shyt
Do you have a job?: i work at mcdonals
Do you make fun of people?: all de time lyke that ho shaqaniesdfgfjgfjf whuteva de fuck
Do you think dreams eventually come true?: zaw
Fave song at the moment?: lil romeo my baby
Fave thing to do?: have sexxxxxxxxxxx!
Fave. Month?: all de same
Fave. school subject? sex ed
Fave. Vacation spot?: brooklyn
Favorite Group/Singers?: nelly, lil romeo, lil bowwow, st lunatics...all does mofos
Have you ever moved?: all ova de place
Hug or kiss?: kiss guy
Last person you talked to on the phone?: dat be muh boy cj
Last time you showered?: uhhh last tyme? i cunt remember...long ass tyme ago
Loud or soft music?: loud...gotta blast that mother fucker
More romantic; baths or shower? showers..more room 2 fuk
Night or day?: Night good for not seeing those nasti bytches faces
Number of Pillows?: as mani
On a scale from 1 to 100 how much self esteem do you think you have?: o me god 100+
Piano or guitar?: shyt do i have nerd written all ova my fyne self? nu uh
Read or write?: write i guess
Single or taken?: my ass iz single so all u boys holla!
Snow or water?: wata
What do you drink?: wuteva
What makes you vomit?: ugly shyt lyke shaniqua
What's right next to you?: muh dildo
What's your bedtime?: wwuhen eva unlike shaniqua who go 2 bed lyke a lil child
What's your best physical feature?: muh bootay
Would you wait to have sex until you're married?: uhhh scratch dat shit out already happend..lost it when i wuz like 9 fo0

Current Mood: amused
9:30 pm
Mmmmm o me god k antoine baybeeeeee u r so fyneeee u blow me mindddddddd and Mmm and celeka o me god girl u r de best u make me luaf
Tuesday, May 29th, 2001
5:29 pm
dayum y0
some wack hoochies online
dis girl thinkin she all hard n shyt
o itz war now
5:47 am
whatta gwan yall!
sup 2 all muh peeps on dat list
awm jus sittin hea chillin
i tink dis girl is wack.
U tinkin evry1 jelouz of u. Sup wit dat? LOL Girl no 1 iz jelouz of ur fat triflin chicken eatin ass. Dayum now i c y antoine is goin to his friends. He dun wunt none of ur stank smellin loose coochie. BABY ANTOINE IF U READ DIS IMMA GIVE U SOME GOOD LUVIN BOY! BABY I WILL PLEASE U RIGH!
thonya hahaha y0 game is weak!

Current Mood: amused
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